Roena Khachidze

მხატვრის გაზიარება

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ხელოვანის პორტრეტი

“I have been doing computer graphics, decor, and apartment design for 20 years, as well as creating a computer version of Georgian ornaments for my proud project. The picture brush is mostly replaced by the computer but never changed my work. I just give what society requires … I am also a lover of photo-landscapes. “


"Still life", 70x40 cm, collage, 1994

პროფესიული გამოცდილება

M. Toidze Vocational School of Arts, Mekhaliche-Faculty of Handicrafts; Sulkhan-Saba State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Public Professions, Designer-Decorator; TSU Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Entrepreneurial Graphics, Graphic Artist.
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