Tea Guntaishvili

მხატვრის გაზიარება

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ხელოვანის პორტრეტი

“I love life, colorful mood and colorful days. I create everything for myself and I like being this kind of Tea! Tea, who is an artist and PR specialist by profession! Both of these vocations help each other creating an unusual synthesis! I have a colorful world, full of love – I fly in the clouds and the world brings ideas.”


"Angel of Roots", 40x30 cm, oil on canvas., 2021

"Pomegranates", 30x40 cm, oil on canvas., 2020

"Wind", 30x40 cm, oil on canvas., 2020

პროფესიული გამოცდილება

TSS Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics, Easel Graphics Workshop
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