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Call for Women Artists!

Digital Exhibition Week of Women in Art is a new and a first initiative dedicated to support,  promote and strengthen Women in art and culture industry.

The project’s mission is to create a positive global platform from which self-identified female artists are given an opportunity to show their artwork to a wide audience, and contribute to the developing exchange of ideas. Women Artists support each other by taking part in an annual exhibition.

The Artist data will be reflected in the project database to provide any further information about the next events (exhibitions).  Also, exhibition participants will get a digital participation certificate of confirmation.

The project is created for the professional, amateur and beginner/student women artists.

The project aims to provide access to the works of women artists, to offer an easy way to communicate with colleagues and stakeholders, to assist in the sale of works.

Within the frames of the project, we are preparing a one-week (May 27-June 2, 2021) virtual exhibition of women artists to be posted on the website

Registration will end on April 30, 2021!




Women Artists Catalogue
Women Talents Artists Catalouge


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